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    Proudly Providing Locally Sourced Farm Packages since 2001.

    Please be advised that most of our employees are working remotely.  As such we are having trouble keeping up with the volume of phone calls we are receiving.  If you are a current customer, please email us at info@ for assistance.   If you have questions about ordering or pricing, please email questions@.


    Ontario’s leader in providing grass fed beef, pastured or free range chicken, cage free pork, as well as fresh caught fish.  Our products are delivered directly to your home and come with a 3 year price freeze guarantee to help protect your family from the rising cost of food in Ontario.

    locally raised grass fed beef - Nutrafarms Ontario

    Nutrafarms is proud to offer Ontario raised, grass fed beef. Our total farm operation spans thousands of acres which let us raise our cattle with as little human interaction possible. The cattle graze on sustainable, nutrient-rich pasture and have no form of confinement, aside from the property's vast fence-line. 


    Pastured & Free Range Chicken - Nutrafarms Ontario

    Nutrafarms is proud to feature pasture raised poultry. Our pasture raised chickens spend more than half of their lives outdoors and are moved to a fresh pasture of grasses and legumes daily. Although raising pastured birds is more time consuming, we know our commitment to sustainable chicken farming is important to the families we serve.

    Cage Free Ontario Pork - Nutrafarms

    Nutrafarms only offers cage free Ontario pork. Our pork is raised using traditional farming methods that ensure our animals have unlimited fresh well water, live in open-air barns, have access to the outdoors and eat a healthy vegetarian diet. 

    Fresh Caught Canadian Fish - Nutrafarms

    Nutrafarm fish is caught in British Columbia waters, then vacuum packaged, individually quick frozen (IQF) while on the water.

    We guarantee in writing that when you eat our fish, it tastes as fresh as the day it was caught.

    Nutrafarms Supports 
    Ontario Farmers

    Nutrafarms Supports 
    Ontario Farmers

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    Nutrafarms helps over 4000 families in Ontario eat locally raised beef, pork, fish and poultry.    

    Nutrafarms works with local family farms all across Ontario

    These partnerships allow us to provide Ontario residents like you, with the comfort of knowing exactly where their food comes from. Our featured family farms allow us to deliver food orders consisting of meats, fish, and poultry delivered directly to your family at a cost that is similar to what you are already paying at your local grocery store.

    With Nutrafarms, you know who your farmer is and how they raise their animals. Can your grocer say the same thing about their “locally raised” products?

    Delivered Direct To Your Family

    Nutrafarms has been providing customers a healthier, more convenient and cost effective alternative to grocery shopping for over 19 years.


    We specialize in larger orders and are able to provide you locally raised products at a price that works with your existing budget.

    Why Nutrafarms is right for you?

    Why Nutrafarms is right for you?

    Locally sourced meats, poultry, and fresh caught fish.

    We measure our success on the ability to provide you with 3 things.


    Our mission is to provide families like yours with healthy, drug-free meat, fish, poultry and pork products. Our animals are raised locally here in Ontario.

    We submit all of our products to rigorous independent testing and guarantee the quality of the food supplied with every order. 


    Nutrafarms also offers an unbelievable level of price certainty. When you decide to start eating with us, we lock in the market price from the day you place your order, and freeze the price and protect you from price inflation for the next 3 years.  

    We can do this because we have developed and nurtured long-standing relationships with family farms all across Ontario. The strength of these relationships lets us offer grass fed beef, cage free pork, free range and pastured chicken without the additional retail markup you'd find at your grocery store.


    Our products are delivered straight to your family  which saves the cost, time and inconvenience of countless trips to your grocery store.

    Our products are vacuum sealed and flash frozen guaranteeing your family's customized food order will stay fresh for up to 18 months.

    The difference is undeniable  

    Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our superior quality lets us back up all of our products with a written, 18 month, 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Click here to see the results of our strenuous product testing.

    Request An Information Session  & Arrange Your Contact Free Delivery Today